COMM 2555: Interactive Digital Communication

Spring 2017

HTML common elements; structure and semantics

Opening Exercise

text for exercise

Your task is to use this content to build a valid web page that looks like this. You do not need to specify the colors: color has been added for your convenience only.

Debugging and validating your code

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Here's a good set of guidelines on how to debug your HTML.

When using the W3C HTML validator do not be scared by many errors: usually fixing the first one takes care of most of the rest (a missed quotation mark can cause a lot of errors to "trickle down" the source code: adding the missed quote could fix them all!)

Overall, pay attention to detail: you are writing "for a computer" - and computers only follow instructions. Miss a character, and the precise instruction will fall apart. So when you see a mess, look at your code and try to imagine how a computer would read that code - i.e., character by character. Where, do you think, it could have seen a character that confused it?

Also, pay attention to syntax highlighting in your editor: you will immediately see when something is off.

Common HTML common elements; structure and semantics

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