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Sergey Golitsynskiy

I am an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Digital Studies program at the University of Northern Iowa. I teach courses in the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Computer Science. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Maryland (2013), my MS (2008) and MA (2007) from the University of Northern Iowa, and my Diploma (1998) from St. Petersburg State University, Russia. I joined the Department of Communication Studies at UNI in August 2013.

My interests are spread across the domains of computer science, digital humanities, and news media. As a researcher, I am interested in (a) digital archives and, especially, metadata and user interfaces for exploring large photo collections; and (b) computational analysis of (mostly) media texts. As a programmer, my primary focus has been on content management system architecture and generative programming, mostly in the context of web development; I've also done work on search and information retrieval, computational linguistics and ediscovery. Programming brings me joy, which is why - being an academic - I end up writing code for scholarship and research in a variety of fields. As an educator, I try to convey this excitement of writing code (and learning how to build things) to my students.

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Current Semester: Spring 2018

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